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Extreme Cock Control and Orgasm Management

Chastity Mistress Cassandra explains the various phases of masturbation management and orgasm control.

Phases of the male sexual response cycle

The typical male will go through a predictable series of phases after each orgasm. If orgasm is achieved, or permitted, before all the phases complete, the cycle starts again without entering the later phases. The key to effective tease and denial is to recognize each phase and know how to provide the appropriately physical, visual and physiological stimulation in order to motivate the male to maximum productivity or frustration (or both!) depending on the dominant’s goal. It should be noted that age, physical condition and emotional factors can all accelerate or delay the timing of this cycle. Additionally, extenuating factors that are presented later may influence the natural progression through these phases. (Your mileage my vary)

Recovery (0-2 days since orgasm)

The recovery phase starts almost immediately after the male orgasms. In this phase, the male’s natural response to stimulation is minimal; meaning that it takes significant physical and mental encouragement to induce the desire for orgasm again. In this phase, it is only through restraint, significant training or emotional attachment that the dominant can control the male. Ms Rika presents techniques which can help in restoring the male’s service during this period, but how to effectively begin another session of tease and denial so shortly after orgasm? The key is to avoid physical stimulation to begin with.

Remember that sex begins in the mind and there is no more powerful aphrodisiac than the creative use of mental, visual and aromatic stimulations to arouse the male. Use any knowledge of the male’s particular fantasies or fetishes to slowly direct his focus back to sex. Slowly and seductively describe a scene or activity that you know will bring him to his knees. This might take a while, but persistence pays off.

Eventually, if you create the sufficiently exciting mental image, the male will have no choice but to respond. Note that it may be useful to elicit several of his fantasies or fetishes prior to orgasm in order to “use these against him” at this stage. Once the male starts to respond to the verbal incentive, a visual component will enhance the effect. This can be particularly successful if the desired visual was withheld during the tease that led to the previous orgasm. For example, a “breast man” that was denied the direct view of his Mistress’ prominent features will be quite responsive when shown the object of his desire. Only when the male has surrendered to the one-two punch of verbal and visual stimulation by becoming erect, should the physical tease (and or course denial) processes begin again.

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Opportunity (1-3 days since orgasm)

A male in this phase is not actively seeking sexual gratification but will not pass up the opportunity if it presents itself. Visual stimulation works best to induce the opportunistic male into a state suitable for tease and denial. A brief glimpse (or more!) of the anatomy the male is most susceptible to will usually cause the desired response. Repeated but random exposure to these visuals, perhaps enhanced with aromatic inducements, will make a quite effective tease. Once the visuals have worked their charms, the application of soft physical teasing will usually provoke the male to the point where denial is practical and appropriate.

Prowl (2-5 days since orgasm)

In this phase, the male will actively seek gratification. An untrained/uncontrolled male will be on the prowl for sexual partners to achieve orgasm. If those attempts are unsuccessful, the male will typically resort to masturbation for relief. Thus, most uncontrolled males never achieve the later phases of the cycle. Only when restrained, either physically or mentally, will the male pass through this barrier into the next phase. Not surprisingly, this is this time period where most males will “cheat” on any sort of chastity regiment. However, it is also much easier to tease and deny a male at this point in the cycle taking almost no effort on the part of the dominant.

Just a few well chosen words will cause the desired reaction. When those words include hints of pleasures that are “just around the corner”, the male will effectively tease and deny himself mentally. Longing for what he imagines was promised and unwilling to forgo those imaginary pleasures for the sake of immediate gratification. Repeating this technique, either verbally or though electronic media, sets a pattern of arousal that will quickly drive a male to the next phase, Frenzy!

Frenzy (4-7 days since orgasm)

As the name implies, a male in the frenzy state can think of little else but satisfying his all consuming need. He will be extremely susceptible to suggestion thus easy to torment. Just the mere presence of the dominant, unaccompanied by any verbal taunting, is sufficient to effectively tease the male. Denial, however, becomes more challenging since even minimal amounts of physical stimulation can lead to a messy conclusion. Also, unless the male has been well trained, physical restraint, psychological barriers or visual monitoring are required to prevent masturbation. Physical restraint can include chastity devices or appropriate forms of bondage. Psychological barriers such as threat of punishment, guilt, disapproval or banishment may also be effective to control the male and enforce self denial.

Ache (7+ days since orgasm)

A male kept in the Frenzy phase without release will eventually pass into the Ache phase. Here, the desire to orgasm reduces to a constant, irrepressible throbbing. Like an itch which cannot be scratched, it is always present with the male wherever he goes. Denial in this phase is much like that of Frenzy, but the risk of masturbation is reduced slightly so the cautions can be relaxed just a bit for a longer term denial. Be warned however; never underestimate the resourcefulness of an aching cock or its owner. It is easy to force the male back to the Frenzy phase by the proper application of teasing.

The length and frequency of this teasing will determine how long the Frenzy phase is maintained before slumping back into the Ache phase once again. A short tease of 5 minutes or so can result in an hour or two of Frenzy. A longer tease, or frequent applications of short teases, can achieve Frenzy lasting a whole day or more! Ms Rika presents many creative methods of tease in denial that can induce the Frenzy.

Tease of Damocles

This method of teasing is insidious in its elegance. Through some random mechanism, or occasionally just at their whim, the dominant determines the length of time the male will remain uncaged but keeps this information a secret. The duration may be as short as 15 minutes or as long as 24 hours. During this interval the male is permitted as much recreational self-stimulation as desired, without orgasm of course. A touch, any touch, so long denied will feel exquisite.

With his body craving the satisfaction, he will indulge again and again bring himself to the brink of that forbidden orgasm. Since dominants command declaring playtime is over can arrive at any moment, the drive to take advantage of the free range condition spurs the male to ever greater levels self induced frustration. When the command is finally given, the despair of denial is overwhelming and the male has worked himself back into a Frenzy with no effort on the part of the dominant.

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