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Why Men Need Extreme Cock Control

by Ms. Cindy of www.extremecockcontrol.com


A man is lost in reverie…dreamily gazing at a female figure while he sits at work or a traffic stoplight. What is he doing, you ask? He’s fantasizing about shooting his cum inside her while she screams “Do it harder, baby!” Men see women as sex objects and this has been going on for a long time. It is the natural state of affairs. And it is the reason why you require having your cock under extreme control by a Mistress.


Control the Cock; Control the Man


In today’s society women are finally achieving their rightful, superior position over men. That is in the workplace and throughout society in general. In other words, muscle, ambition and aggression are increasingly gender neutral traits. In the bedroom, women can easily control men by just knowing their fetishes, their fixations and understanding how the cock controls their behaviors.

I know most men want to act out their sexual fantasies. The ones who do are typically daily masturbators who tend to fantasize throughout the day. They think about different females as diverse as the youthful “girl-next-door”, the neighborhood cougar, the woman collecting tolls at the entrance to the bridge and even MILFs when they are desperate to get off.


Chronic Masturbators Need Extreme Cock Control


You have habituated to daily masturbation. It holds such intense pleasure for you that your mind and body have grown dependent on it. You have, in fact, allowed your cock to define you. The cock cannot tell a lie.  If you sport a stiffy enough times,  it will ultimately be your downfall.

Now is the time, before it’s too late, for a Mistress to control your cock.  Your cock drives your lust for so many different women. Be that as it may, under a Mistress’s influence, your lustfulness will be redirected and focused exclusively onto her.  The very woman you will desperately want. But the woman you can never have.   When I cock train you, ultimately hear your murmurs and pleas to  ejaculate, that will truly be my pleasure.

Knowing your cock is swollen and engorged and dripping pre-cum helps give me the upper hand in this relationship. My pleasure is teasing you through extreme cock control .  Given that, come see for yourself how much control I will have over you.


Tease and Denial Phone Sex at Extreme Cock Control


At this point, are you ready to hand over your cock and never look back? Welcome to Extreme Cock Control, the only site that goes beyond tease and denial. If you are submissive and feel the urge to be controlled, then you need one of our fine Femdom Mistresses.

Here at Extreme Cock Control, our Mistresses take total control of your dick. It is no longer yours to do what you want with it. With our submissive phone sex training sessions, you will relish your submissive side and learn to do as you are told.

Never experimented with tease and denial before? Our guided masturbation sessions are what you need to put your cock and your mind in the hands of your Mistress. Imagine how it feels to completely relinquish control to someone else. It can be freeing to feel as if you truly have no control.