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Benefits of Long Term Denial

You have been waiting all week to see her. She promised that this time she would consider letting you have that release you’ve been craving for so long. She has told you before that she might consider it, but this time, after these many many days she has actually promised to seriously consider it. Your excitement is building, your body tight and ready, cock aching in that cage to burst out and have some fun. You know better than to get too excited though, or you should. After all this might not happen, no matter what she might keep you in denial. Though you can see no benefit to that, you would be wrong. There are many benefits to being in the Long Term Denial of Extreme Cock Control.

Male Ego is Overrated

First of all, it helps you to keep that ego in check. You know what I mean too. You start to think you can control yourself. Your Mistress allows you to release and you decide you can do this all on your own. You start rebelling and acting as though you have earned the right to control that cock, when really all you’ve done is follow directions. But in long term denial, you learn that even when you are allowed release it is something to appreciate and cherish, not to assume is a given. Once you have been denied for long periods of time you become more in tune with what your body really needs and just how amazing an orgasm can feel. So much more so than when you are just allowed to cum as you need or want. This doesn’t happen overnight of course and that’s why long term denial is so amazing. After a day or two of not being allowed release you think you will have learned but that’s nothing compared to a month or two down the road when your Mistress finally allows you to cum.

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Simply Submit

Submission becomes easier. You know you are a submissive man who needs a woman to control him sexually through erotic domination. But you don’t realize just how submissive you are or the lengths you will got to in an attempt to please this amazing Mistress. I can promise you that submission gets easier and easier the longer you go without release. This leads back to that ridiculous male ego that tries to assert itself now and then. It is less of a problem when that ego is stamped down and learns to submit to a Mistress. After all extreme cock control is important and as you can see, submission is an integral part of that.

Become a Human Dildo

I know what you’re thinking! "Those are great Mistress but how does being more submissive benefit me in the long run?" Long term denial is not only beneficial to your attitude but also to a few physical things that you will want to know about, like extended orgasm control. When you become very accustomed to long term denial, you learn to control yourself without aid or punishment making you more appealing and useful to all women. We only use those silicon dildos because we don’t have human ones, but you, with lengthy training can become, in affect, a human dildo! Just imagine being able to control yourself to the point that your Mistress could use you to pleasure herself until she was truly happy. You would be worth so much more to her that way, honestly. Your cock, hard and ready to be used whenever a woman needed to be fucked. We wouldn’t have to get out our dildos, we would have you to use and even to share or rent out to our friends. Long term denial can give you that kind of control if you want it. And you know you would love that!

Intense Pleasure of Waiting

Oh and one more thing that you will love about the benefits of long term denial. It’s not forever. Long term is long term, but it isn’t forever. Even if you only are allowed to cum once a year, that one session of stroking and cumming will feel so incredibly amazing that you will remember it and replay it in your mind. Any time you get something that you aren’t accustomed to having, you appreciate it even more! It feels good to release when you’ve only waited a bit, but as I told you earlier, that intense pleasure you’ll have from an orgasm that you waited for and worked toward is so much greater!

As you can see the many benefits of long term denial and extreme cock control far outweigh any incorrect assumptions that it’s bad for you. Long term denial is actually excellent for your sexual health and the fact that denying you makes your Mistress happy as well is just an added plus!

Extreme Cock Control Mistresses Currently Available