What is Tease And Delay?



She knew he wanted it. The sun was setting and after a day of teasing and denying him, she was excited and so was he. He was so excited, in fact, that she wasn’t sure he would be able to hold out much longer. Yes, tease and delay at its finest.

It had started out like any other bright summer day. The sun was warm on her skin as she walked out into her yard Her long legs bare and tanned. She wore sandals with a low heel, even though she didn’t need any heel because she was so tall already. She had planned to do some gardening in the sun and then relax by the pool. Her husband was at work all day, but she knew the neighbor on her right would be out bright and early tending to his lawn. It was almost like a date they never spoke about. Meeting outside, looking across the fence at one another, smiling, chatting, teasing. Cock Teasing!

That is what she had decided the day was going to be all about teasing him until he couldn’t stand it any longer. She just wanted to see how far she could go. Of course, he had no idea she had a plan. You see that is the fun of cock control, being the one in control.

An All Day Tease

She watched the smile on his face grow the moment he saw her. The thin white shorts and tight, pale pink see-through tight tank top had done the trick. He could see right through the entire outfit to the barely there black bikini she has slipped on underneath.

She waved casually and bent down to put the small bag of gardening tools on the ground. She made sure to turn as she did, giving him a full shot of her firm ass. Even she knew she looked good and that he was interested. But this flirting across the fence had gotten boring. Deciding that she had enough of her predictable and boring in her life, she needed some excitement. Today he was going to be that excitement, whether he knew it yet or not.

Glancing up, she saw him standing by the gate, watching her. She sat back a little to stare right into his eyes. He looked a little uncomfortable at being caught watching her, but she smiled and motioned for him to come over. She began to wonder if he thought, “She’s a cocktease.” 

They chatted about her husband being at work all day. She told her flirty new friend and neighbor he just had to come take a dip in the pool with her. After all, it was so warm outside and after she finished the little bit of work in the flower garden, she was going to need a cool drink. She told him she would also need a dive into the even cooler water.

As she got closer to him, she got a better look at his body. She was a little disappointed to see he had on baggy shorts, but she thought she could see the beginnings of a bulge in them. She knew she could make that lump even bigger.


Sexy in the Sun

Standing up, she walked over to him, aware of the way her clothing clung to her sexy body. Her long red hair was up in a high ponytail making her look almost like she was still in her twenties. Stopping right in front of him, she smiled and stepped even closer, giving him a hug. After all, they were friends, nothing wrong with a full body hug. She pressed her pelvis against his body and could feel his cock grow under her hip. Her full breasts met his bare chest. It really was so much fun being a Femdom Mistress hiding as a next door neighbor.

This was only the beginning and she knew it. For the rest of the day, she took every chance there was to brush her body against his. She had fun giving him a peek at her ass or down the front of her tank top to her breasts. Once, she even rubbed her hand against his cock, up and down a couple of times, before suggesting they hit the pool.

Playing in the Pool

It was getting late and her husband would be home soon. They both knew it as she peeled off the tight shorts and tank top. He moaned a little looking at her body. Then told her he didn’t bring his suit over and since there wasn’t time to get it, he’d just watch. Shaking her head emphatically she told him that was okay, he could go in naked. After all, she preferred to skinny dip, too, but had just been trying to be a little bit modest.

Trying to decide, he wasn’t certain being naked was a good idea. However, his cock won out over his head and soon he was naked. There was his hard cock, in all its glory, right there for her to see. She smiled, slipping her breasts from her bikini top and walking over to him. Her bare nipples touched his chest and immediately became erect. Her hand went dow to his cock and her finger tips dragged across it gently. Just then she stopped and jumped into the cool water. He followed without thinking and soon had his arms around her in the pool. He caressed those breasts and was hoping for more.

The Tease and Delay Continues

A teasing smile curved her lips and she pulled herself from the water, motioning for him to follow.

First she pulled her tank top back on over her suit and then reached out, stroking his cock.

“Stroke it for me” she said with a laugh.

She wished she had time to direct him more with guided masturbation, but they were running out of time.

Then she whispered, “And hurry, that is his car turning on to the street.”

He started then and she watched, not touching him, just smiling and encouraging. At the last moment, she told him she had to go, and so did her. Her husband was home and would be out to look for her soon. She told him to finish up, get dressed and get back to his house. But, she said, if he was very good, she would see him tomorrow.

Then she left, walking in to the house. He could see her body backlit by the kitchen lights as she hugged and kissed her husband. He continued stroking until he came in her flower bed, grabbed his shorts, and jumped back over the fence.


Craving long-term Tease and Delay Mistress

Here we are!