What is a Ruined Orgasm?



A ruined orgasm is a form of orgasm control and major component of cock control. A Dominant stimulates a submissive to the point of orgasm, then discontinues the stimulation at the exact moment of ejaculation. She might also block the flow of ejaculatory fluid… cum… thus ruining the orgasm. All of this minimizes the amount of pleasure derived from the orgasm. Ruined orgasms are commonly combined with other Femdom practices, such as tease and denial. Chastity, prostate milking, and Femdom worship are also often a part of ruining orgasms.

Methods of Ruining Orgasm


Abandoning is the most common method for causing a ruined orgasm, It’s also the easiest to self-administer. In an abandoned orgasm, the submissive is brought to just beyond the edge, to the point of no return. Once there, all stimulation is abruptly discontinued. Men’s cocks twitch and bob and thrash about. Ejaculation does occur but without manual stimulation throughout the ejaculatory process. Therefore, the orgasm becomes unsatisfying and unfulfilling. Although it is unfulfilling and very uncomfortable, no physical pain is associated with this type of ruined orgasm. Despite what men say.


“Bleeding” is the process of keeping the submissive on the edge of orgasm for a long period of time. This creates large amounts of precum in the process. Ruining orgasms like this is also sometimes referred to as robbing. It can be a rather lengthy process, as it requires the submissive be brought to the very edge of orgasm and being kept there for hours on end. During the process, the man gradually gets closer and closer to orgasm. Though by the time the actual orgasm occurs, the testicles have been “bled dry” of semen. The cock is stimulated to a mostly dry orgasm. This type of edging towards a ruined orgasm brings with it discomfort and oftentimes physical pain such as chaffing and a burning sensation. The longer the session lasts before orgasm, the more discomfort from chaffing and burning the submissive will experience.


Dictating is the process of placing the forefinger over the tip of the cock to block the flow of ejaculate and keep it from escaping through the urethra’s hole. This process is difficult to self-administer because of the level of self control required to block and maintain a good seal over the slit.  Alternatively, the thumb may be used to block the flow instead of the forefinger. Using a shot glass, an ice cube, or other items might be used instead of the hand. Note that it is quite uncomfortable not allowing the ejaculate to escape.

Scrunching and Squelching

The scrunching method of ruining orgasm involves taking the head and upper part of the cock in the hand and squeezing tightly or scrunching to cock to prevent ejaculation. This method, if used at precisely the right point will not only stop the flow of ejaculate but can prevent the orgasm entirely. This does cause a great deal of discomfort for the submissive.

When putting pressure to the scrotum and the base of the cock, this is called squelching. It’s similar to scrunching in that it prevents ejaculate from traveling up the shaft. Of course, it cannot empty if it can’t move upward out of the penis.


Thwacking is commonly used in conjunction with cock and ball torment or CBT. and refers to the process where the Mistress smacks the frenulum – the sensitive ridge on the underside of the cock –  with a hard fast motion. The strike, if administered properly, will send the cock into self defense mode. This temporarily shuts down the reproductive system and the ejaculation process. It’s a method that is very difficult to administer successfully because it requires the strike to occur at the very moment the orgasm erupts. Good communication and knowing the body language of the submissive is important in achieving a successful ruined orgasm by thwacking.

Ruined Orgasms and Orgasm Control

It is very important to note that ruined orgasms do not allow the prostate and testicles to empty completely. It’s important to empty the penis on an ongoing basis so infections don’t occur. Other health issues are also at stake if the prostate and testicles aren’t emptied routinely.

Orgasms for health reasons can be very effective when used in conjunction with tease and denial and other forms of orgasm control. Coerced orgasms, prostate milking, and chastity are all ways to allow orgasms while limiting their scope.

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