What is a Coerced Orgasm?



A coerced orgasm is a form of orgasm control and major component of extreme cock control. The orgasm occurs as the result of a Dominant stimulating a submissive to the point of involuntary orgasm. The submissive, on the other hand, attempts to keep the orgasm at bay. Oftentimes the Femdom Mistress continues the stimulation after orgasm is achieved. This is to coerce multiple orgasms from the submissive.

Coerced orgasms are commonly combined with other forms of BDSM play, such as bondage, spanking, strap-on training, ruined orgasms, and Femdom Worship.

The Day I Learned About Coerced Orgasms

I had never even heard the term coerced orgasm, much less know what it was until a few days ago. After weeks of denial and begging my Femdom Mistress for orgasm, she cheerily informed me that I was going to get one.

She included these warning words, “You should learn to be careful what you wish for, my pet!”

I was so excited that I was going to finally get to orgasm that I totally missed the mocking tone in her voice.

Tied to Her Orgasm Control

Before I knew what was happening, Mistress had me tied to a Saint Andrew’s Cross and her hand wrapped around my dick. She began furiously pumping and it felt so good I could hardly contain myself. Just the pleasure of her stroking movements were almost enough to make me cum. Her soft manicured hand gliding up and down the shaft using my precum as lube was amazing. She could tell how close I was because suddenly she stopped. Then she started kneading and pulling on my full, swollen testicles. I hadn’t had release or even a good prostate milking in nearly a month, so they were definitely full and achy.

A Ruined Orgasm

Because I was already so close to cumming, Mistress decided I needed a ruined orgasm first. I had heard of ruined orgasms, but had never had one on purpose. They were something that happened when you accidentally pulled your hand away before the orgasm is finished. It can also happen during intercourse as it “slips out” at that crucial point of no return. 

As I learned later, my Mistress had the entire plan ready in her head. Ruined, first, then coerced orgasms. 

Mistress began stroking me vigorously again, getting me right to the edge of orgasm. She kept me on that edge for several hours. I was covered in precum from hours of edging and skirting orgasm. I wanted more than anything to cum. Reaching the coveted orgasm that had been eluding me for hours was definitely my goal.

I began begging for her to allow release, and she gave it to me. Stroking me hard, just as I was cumming, Mistress took her hand away.

“There you go, pet. There’s the orgasm you wished and waited for.”

Her Coercion Begins

I began to weep at how unfulfilling that release was. Mistress started stroking my dick again. Thank goodness she was using copious amounts of lube. I would have been chapped and sore otherwise.

When she began jerking me off after the ruined orgasm, she inserted an Aneros prostate sex toy.

“You want a fulfilling orgasm? I’m going to give you one.”

At that, she stroked even more vigorously. After a terribly long time of agonized waiting, her stroking slowed down. Finally, more pleasurable sensations. Her hands were gently stroking my cock. She continued until I did have an enjoyable orgasm. Relief flooded my body. Yet she did not stop. I told her I was fulfilled and to please stop stimulating my cock.

She did not stop, but kept going until she gave me two more coerced orgasms.

The last thing she said to me as she untied me and sent me out of her dungeon was, “I warned you about being careful what you wish for! Next time, think twice before begging, pet.”

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