Tease and Denial Cheer Squad



The cheer squad was exceptionally close at my university, which was fairly small in terms of state schools. I suppose, given the small population of students, it made those of us who were cheerleaders or athletes something of mini-Gods on campus. All of the boys on campus lusted after the other cheerleaders and me. We took full advantage of this power.  After all, they just handed it to us. I mean, we already have highly enticing bodies.  So we learned that it was easy to get whatever we wanted,  just by being what we naturally are.  A group of cock tease and denial Femdoms, of course.

Teasing and Denying the Boys

All of the boys were hopelessly powerless to us, some much more so than others. We would often catch one marching band boy in particular peeping at us during cheerleading practice from under the bleachers. I always watched him carefully, but he never had a clue that I saw where his hand was going as he watched us practicing. We were all skimpily dressed, of course. I would tease him mercilessly throughout our practices, making sure to wear the tightest and shortest pair of cheer shorts. Adding an extremely low-cut tank top that just barely contained my voluptuous breasts added to the fun.

I would spy him nervously touching himself over his jeans as he watched me shimmy and dance throughout practice. Perhaps I may have made sure to add a little extra bounce to everything I did as part of my little tease and denial game. This went on for several weeks before I called my girls together for a special meeting before practice one particularly hot day.

Cockteasing Cheerleaders, All Wet and Yummy

I knew that he would be hiding under the bleachers long before we got there, so we all showed up in our skimpiest bikinis to give him the hottest cock tease of his life. We turned on the sprinklers to the field then continued to run “sprints” up and down the field through the sprinklers. I spied him instantly start to touch himself as he watched our newest form of “training.”

We continued to work out in the sprinklers, clad in only our string bikinis. Because they were wet, they clung tightly to our seductive bodies. All of us had gorgeous long hair. The water made it soaking wet and streaming down our backs. Our skin was covered in beads of water that dripped slowly down our tight, muscular curves. I could tell by the size of his bulge that our little tease and denial game was working absolutely perfectly. He was certain to burst if we didn’t intervene soon!


Teasing Under the Bleachers

That was when I blew the whistle that swung around my neck and called for a break. I could almost hear him breathe a sigh of relief. Little did he know that things would be getting a bit… harder… very soon! He was leaning up against the back of the bleachers with his hand still down his pants. We could hear him panting as we snuck up behind him. It was going to be so much fun teasing him with the crowd of girls there, too. Later we laughed about how he was having some kind of masturbation marathon every time we practiced our cheers.

He jumped in shock as I lightly tapped him on the shoulder and very gently pushed him up against the bleacher. I giggled that he didn’t even bother to struggle. I watched him bite his lip as he felt my still moist body pressing up against his. His eyes darted quickly to all the other still soaking-wet cheerleaders who were watching as I removed his clothing.


Tease and Denial “Break Time”

It was perfect having him naked before us since his cock was fully erect after watching us practice. Now, our break time was what would prove to be truly intense for him. This was the ultimate sexual humiliation for him, being nude and sexually helpless before the very girls he had been spying on for weeks now. We coerced him into jerking his cock in all the ways we wanted, never letting him orgasm even though he was begging for sexual release. It was important, after all, for him to learn a lesson about being a bad peeping tom!

He couldn’t help but love the tease and denial that he was receiving, but he would have done anything to be allowed to orgasm. He had no clue that our plan was to tease him, and deny him an orgasm, during our thirty minute breaks every day until the end of the semester. I wonder if he will ever make it that long?


Craving sensuous Tease and Denial Treatment

Here we are!