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Extreme cock control sends many men running. But you are not just any man, are you? No, my pet. You're not. You realize you are a weak chronic stroker and your self-love sessions are in need of some control. Not only to make those glorious O's more satisfying but they actually represent and mean something! Beyond any cock control you've experienced before. Beyond anything you ever thought you could do. With Cock Control Mistress Erika you'll journey to realms unattainable alone.

Discussing your needs and expectations, then adding my skill and expertise to the fun, is explosive! Just like any other negotiation, we'll discuss what you can expect during a session, and for your homework, if you choose that route. Communication is key when you surrender, giving up control of that cock to me. Reporting back with results of tasks, practicing lessons and of course intense sessions are in the mix when it comes to ramping up that extreme cock control.

Leading you into my lair, you enter into a world where My cock is there for my pleasure. If it pleases me to deny My cock an orgasm then it is denied. Perhaps I'm feeling a bit cheeky and compel you to a ruined orgasm. Having my cock respond instantly to thoughts, or word from me, is a fun way to condition your brain and my cock to please me! Locking up my cock is always a delicious way to please me. But for how long? Perhaps passing a few naughty tasks will give us a positive answer to "May I cum"

I crave to control your cock, check out my blog and some of my cock control posts. Then listen to my tease on Cock Control.When you just can't take it anymore. Call. I'll be waiting.