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Do you jerk off a lot? Well, of course you do. You're a man. There must be some sort of unwritten rule that you have to play with your dick as often as possible. That stops right now. You are no longer in control of your cock. I am Mistress Lena and I will be telling you when to stroke your cock from now on.

And on the rare occasion that I let you stroke it, I will tell you in explicit detail exactly how to do it. Will I let you cum? I don't know. And neither will you until the moment of truth. That's why you're calling me, right? You want extreme cock control and I think you are turned on by not knowing when or if you will be allowed to climax.

Extreme cock control is so exciting to me. There are so many ways I can torment you. Maybe a little bit of tease and denial would be good for you. I absolutely love hearing you get more and more excited as you near orgasm and then telling you NO.

Denying you an orgasm will likely last for more than one session. I've made men go long periods of time without an orgasm. Are you disciplined enough to go without for as long as I tell you to? Or maybe I'll be more in the mood for a ruined orgasm when you call me. That's always fun, too. Knowing your orgasm wasn?t the best it could have been makes me really happy.

On the days when I'm feeling generous, guided masturbation will be on the table. But you will have to follow every instruction that I give you. As long as you can follow directions, we won't resort to any kind of chastity device. If you can't do what I tell you and you touch your cock before I tell you that you can or touch it too much, you're just going to have to lock it up.

Are you ready for some extreme cock control phone sex now? Call Mistress Lena and get ready to give up all of your control. Your cock is not your own to play with anymore. It's mine.