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You have had control over your cock for far too long, and I can tell that you are looking for someone to take over that position for you! That is where I come in, and at just the right time I must say. Are you one of the guys that constantly has his hand on his dick, stroking, jerking and yanking it until you release? Well it is about time to teach that cock some manners on how to behave. Trust me, he will appreciate the discipline that he will learn!

Tease, delay and denial are three of my favorite words, denial being my MOST favorite. You see, delay can mean just a matter of hours, a few days, maybe a week. But I'm talking about a number of months of constant denial. Oh I can tease also, but denial is, and will be, my main focus! When we do our first call, we will talk about exactly what it is that you are looking for and want. If you tell me that you want to be denied, then consider it a done deal. All of the begging, groveling and pleading will NOT make me change my mind. So, be very clear and concise as to what it is that you want from me. You see, hearing your words of trying to get me to change my mind, only make my pussy wet and spasm with pleasure. I mean, it is all about me right?

So do not be surprised when I rub my clit and bring myself to a hard, explosive orgasm, while you sit on your hands and listen to my pleasure! Ohhh, would I do that? HELL yes I would do that and I will be doing it often, so get use to it. One thing that I can promise you is this. However long I deny you, when I finally decide to let you release, you will have the most amazing, mind blowing, out of body orgasm that you have ever had! That is a big part of what denial is about, the other part is you being controlled by a sexy, strong female!

So let's talk about just how far you are willing to go into denial for me. Would you go a month of being teased and denied? What about four months, eight months, a year? Can you even begin to imagine the magnitude of the orgasm you would have after a year of denial? It truly would be an earth shaking, body trembling, mind blowing experience that you would never forget and you would want to start the denial process all over again, right then and there! So, give me a call and let's figure out where, what and when you want to start on your path of orgasm denial. I look forward to talking with you and to telling you a very simple word "NO".