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So what's the difference between cock control and extreme cock control?

You've likely perused My introduction at Our sister site, and read about My desire to fit every cock to its intended purpose: not for the pleasure of mankind, but for the satisfaction of womankind. There I talk about training boys in stamina and generosity, so that the women he may be privileged to fuck can depend on him to give her the kind of sustained, varied dicking she wants, for as long as she wants, without that dick cumming and deflating too soon. Like a dildo. But extreme cock control is something different.

Sure, there are some similarities, like the fact that I'll get to enjoy your moans and your begging while I have My way with what's between your legs, but with extreme cock control, that's the only reason. There's nothing for you to earn, no finish line in the distance, no higher calling for your cock . . . unless My sadistic amusement is a higher calling.

Oh sure, I may still let you cum. But that's the last thing on My mind. I'm more likely to edge you until you sweat, and then hang up on you, leaving you throbbing and begging with tears in your eyes. I may coerce you into ruining your orgasm. I may include elements of cock and ball torment, since you're so much more sensitive and cry out so much more deliciously under the paddle when you're highly aroused. I may entertain Myself by caging your cock for short periods of time (consider carefully what "short" might mean, when medically speaking, you really don't need to ejaculate at all), and then making you edge before allowing release. Or I may cage you, release you, edge you, and then have you put your throbbing, pre-cum dripping meat into a bowl of ice water until it wilts back down just enough to be caged again. All because it makes Me giggle.

In short, the concept of your orgasm is completely irrelevant.

Thinking about giving Me a call?

Well, all I can say is, you've been warned.