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You have been playing with yourself unsupervised entirely too long. Yes, I'm well aware of the fact men think they *need* to cum everyday. This simply isn't the case.

You've conditioned yourself to be a chronic masturbator and I will condition you to cum when and how I tell you. Besides, an orgasm without permission is just little more than a futility squirt and what you've deluded yourself into thinking is so great, really isn't. Don't worry, I'll take control of that little sensory lever and be puppeteering you to more meaningful intense sensations.

If I have strung you along enough ... maybe I'll allow you to cum in My presence while I laugh at how helpless you are. I love tease & denial, chastity training and guided masturbation the trinity of good pleasure pole control. I think you'll find your cock is better under My control anyway, instead of you just pounding away like a little mindless jerk-a-holic.

I'll really enjoy taking control of your cock and telling you how, when, and what exactly to touch. Trust Me, I know how to make it feel WAY better than just silly you wailing away on yourself LOL. My sweet, melodic voice will guide and instruct you to a lovely created tension. I really enjoy when a guy begs out of desperation, it's so cute *giggle*.

It'll be so fun for Me to string you along and control your cock, I'll have you by the balls, literally and metaphorically *giggle*. If you're way lucky it may culminate with an explosive ending ;).