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Hi boys I'm Mistress Mandy and I am very familiar with the love affair you are having with that thing between your legs. Yes, that precious little cock of yours! Oh yes, I know how it gets hard with just a tiny little thought, a tiny little tease, a tiny little touch. I know ... that thing has a mind of it's own doesn't it?! Which is just exactly why you need a hot, sexy, controlling Mistress to take hold (perhaps if you are lucky) and control it for you. Clearly you can't do it for yourself OR perhaps maybe you just don't want to!? Perhaps you would much prefer to let your Mistress have Her way with you! Have Her way with ALL of you ... your cock, your balls, your ass and perhaps most importantly, your orgasm! Yes, for Me to take control of you, just exactly as I see fit. Well then ... now we're talking!!!

You WILL be mine! You will fantasize about Me during the day and dream of Me at night. You will eat out of My lovely hand and beg Me for more ... SO much more! There is nothing that I enjoy more than hearing a man beg for his every wish ... his every want ... his every desire! You and I will get along just fine if you simply remember these four simple words "Please Mistress may I?" Aaaaah yes, such lovely music to My ears.

So, tell Me ... what is it that you truly want? Do you truly wish to please Me? Do you want to make My pussy drip? Do you long for Me to tease you ... to torture you? Do you crave a Mistress that will humiliate and degrade you? Do you stay awake at night thinking about being owned so utterly and completely? Knowing that your body, your mind, your soul belong to your lovely Mistress? Well then I can tell you just one more thing ... you have certainly cum to the right place.