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Hi there Sugar. You poor, poor thing. You've suffered all day long with that pressing hard-on in your pants. Thinking about me lounging in a warm bath? Imagining my porcelain skin glistening with silky bubbles? I know, my pet, I know. It's been so hard keeping your hand from gripping that throbbing dick. You can feel yourself dripping from maintaining that erection for so long.

You're hoping that when you call I will purr into your ear and say things like, 'you've been such a good, good boy; release yourself!' or 'you sweet thing, let Mistress Scarlet take care of that cock for you!'.

Ahhh what a fantasy to have! And a fantasy it is indeed! We both know the truth don't we?

Oh yes, You WILL call and you WILL tell me all about your day fantasizing about me. You WILL listen to me purring in your ear asking you to share more and more and more. Perhaps I'll allow myself a lovely orgasm with one of my battery operated beauties while I listen to your frustration. I do relish in the control I have over you dear. Ultimately, you WILL be begging Mistress Scarlet to allow you to have that orgasmic release that you so desire.

You WILL be blubbering on about how you can't take it anymore and just need to cum just this one time. Please Mistress! Please! You WILL tell me how much YOU need it. How much YOU'VE earned it. How much YOU want it.

Remember, my sweet, that throbbing cock belongs to ME! I OWN IT! Only I will decide if it's time for release. Only The Scarlet Mistress knows if today will be the day that you are allowed to CUM. By the end of our session together, you will be thanking me for keeping you in line and for taking such good control of you and of your precious cock.