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I bet you are one of those wankers aren't you? Those guys that masturbate all the time just because they can? Yea, I know all about you. You love to jack off. And yet, something's missing, isn't it? All this obsessive masturbation isn't cutting it.

That's because you want more. Deep inside of you, there lies a submissive guy, one who is dying to get out. You want to give over complete control of your cock to me. Why me? Because part of you thinks I won't be that tough. I mean, I'm young and I'm cute so I won't make you give up complete control right?


I may look cute and sweet but once I take control you will be completely at my mercy. And loving every second of it. This isn't just about tease and denial. This is about me taking complete ownership of that dick of yours. You won't be able to touch your cock without my permission and when you want to come?

Well, you will just have to beg won't you?

I do love hearing guys like you beg. It completely turns me on. My pussy gets so wet when you get so damn desperate.

And knowing that a cute young girl like me can have such control over you just adds to the arousing humiliation doesn't it?

So if you think you are ready, (and there's no turning back so you'd better be) hand over control of your cock to me and unleash your true submissive nature.