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Are you enjoying stroking that cock? You like being able to do whatever you want, don't you? If you didn't have to work, or take care of any responsibilities, you'd just sit around all day habitually and compulsively wanking that pathetic excuse for a cock. The problem is you have no control.

Do you know what happens when you have a lack of control? You start to get used to the feelings and sensations. My psychology training telling me you're becoming habituated. That means it takes more and more stimulation to get you off at the intensity you are hoping for. And all that stroking is probably making your cock go numb, which means you're not getting those big, huge orgasms you used to have; you remember the ones that make you think that the orgasm was an unearthly experience.

Give me Control of that Cock!

You're going to give Ms. Delia control of that cock. From now on, I'll let you know when you can stroke it, and I'll let you know just how to do it so it feels intense every time. I'll teach you how to ride that edge, where you're just a few strokes from cumming. I may make you edge every hour on the hour ... for days ... weeks ... months.

And then, just like it says on my blog, you'll beg for Ms. Delia to let you cum. If I let you cum, it will be the most powerful, intense orgasm you've ever had ... or maybe I'll just ruin your orgasm. Leave you there frustrated and whimpering. Then, we'll start all over again, until I hear the sweet sound of your begging. Will I let you cum then? I love cock control.