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Do you really think you deserve to have a mind blowing orgasm? All of that time where you had no one there to control what you were doing and you got to orgasm to watching pornographic films, or fantasizing about your sexy neighbor across the street ... I don't think so. You can't cum just whenever you want, if even ever.


Because I'm here now, and I will be the one to put a stop to all that through any means possible. If I have to lock you up in chastity, I will.

The problem is men have too much control in this universe which throws everything off kilter. Think about it. Because men can masturbate and ejaculate whenever they want, the world is a literal mess. Well, I'm here to stop that - one man at a time.

Basically, when I tell you to ejaculate - that's what I mean. You cum when I want you to. You ask for my permission. What I'm telling you is - you hand over your cock and balls over on a platter and give it to me. Don't worry, I will take extra special care of it and polish it up once in awhile and play with it myself. There is nothing like an extra horny man to take care of my needs when I do need it!

So think about it - a hot woman like me who knows a man's cock very well, and the brain behind it. I can take over and hijack your cock and make it my own - permanently.