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I bet you like nothing better than an empty room, any room, where you can push your hand into your pants and twiddle. Stroke, squeeze, pull ... you do it all to that cock when no one's looking, don't you? Sometimes you even undress, close your eyes and imagine a sexy woman there with you, her fingers wrapped around you, sliding up and down, making it grow ...

Well, that's over, bucko! Because you haven't earned the right to this freedom, and only an extreme cockteasing Goddess like me can say when you have. So the next time you get the urge to touch yourself (like now), remember you don't know what you're doing, and you DON'T have permission. Not yet, anyway. And really, you know the only way you will feel any pleasure is if you're taught how to stroke yourself the proper way. So that your fingers feel like the inside of a warm, wet mouth, a tongue sliding up and down your shaft, sucking you, squeezing you. Making you rock hard and ready to explode.

You NEED a woman like me to bring you to the brink, over and over, driving you insane, taunting you while you beg, plead for permission to replease. "Please Mistress May I???" Ha! We'll see.

So go ahead, keep reading all the bios while you pathetically twiddle ... or pick up the phone and call me right now!