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Extreme cock control; orgasm edging, tease and denial, chastity, and other strict methods of controlling your cock. It's what you need, isn't it? You know you are a masturbation addict, that you need someone to take control of your cock and your orgasms, but it's just so difficult for you to give up that control. But you know you need to. You're just looking for the right person to take control.

No need to look further. You've found me- Masturbatrix Sophia. I will take control of that cock and your orgasms and teach you to slow down and enjoy the ride. Masturbation isn't about rubbing out a quick one every morning in the shower. Masturbation is about exploring your body and how to get the most pleasure from it. The way to do that requires self-discipline and training. We both know you have zero self-discipline so there is no way you will ever be able to do that on your own. That's why you are here.

I will not only control your cock, I will own it. You will masturbate when I tell you to, how I tell you to, and for as long as I tell you to. You will abstain from masturbation when I tell you to and for as long as I tell you to. You will not argue with me and you most certainly will not disobey me. If I need to lock that dick of yours away in chastity to keep you from touching it, I will. I will employ whatever methods necessary to keep you in line and control that cock of yours.

Your first assignment? Pick up that phone right now and give me a call!