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How many times do you jerk off in a day? Once? Twice? I bet each orgasm feels a little shallow, doesn't it? Can you remember back to the first time you jacked off? The explosion of pleasure that came from your dick? And ever since then, you've been trying to get back to that moment, without any success.

Well all that has changed.

I think you've had free use of your dick for far too long. You've turned it into a quivering mess. It's time for me to take control. That once a day habit is no more. You will be lucky if I let you come once a week. You will learn dick discipline and be rewarded with bigger, fuller orgasms. You will discover the pleasure in being forced to wait, learn what it's like to entirely follow my desires, not yours. Once I'm in control of your dick, you won't look back. And no matter how hard you beg and plead, you will soon learn that you having an orgasm isn't up to you at all. Which means you had better be good, right?

It will be frustrating and challenging of course, but I will push your limits and control your cock to my heart's content. From tease and denial to full chastity training, you will finally experience what it's like to be forced not to give into your sexual urges.

So tell me, are you ready to hand over control? To finally have a satisfying orgasm? And most of all are you ready to put my needs ahead of yours and become a true sub?

We shall see.