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If you’ve spent much time looking around, you know we’ve already established that you need a Femdom Mistress, and why. At the same time, we also know that you can’t always call for a guided masturbation session as often as you’d like. Granted, there are times when your Mistress will tell you that you cannot masturbate or stroke between calls, as part of your cock control training program. However, barring that, there are ways you can enjoy a little self-service guided masturbation between calls with your Cock Control Mistress. “How?” you say.  Read on and you’ll find out!

The “Anything But” Method of Guided Masturbation

More than likely, you’ve learned over the years just exactly what it takes to make you orgasm and the most efficient way of getting there. But is that truly enjoyable? What’s more, isn’t the journey supposed to be as enjoyable as the orgasm? In the final analysis, does this tried and true method produce explosive orgasms for you? I’ll bet not. You and I both know all orgasms are not created equal. If you knew a sure-fire way to produce earth shattering orgasms, wouldn’t you want to take it? Of course you would. That’s why you need masturbation guidance, even if it is something as simple as explaining self-service guided masturbation.

The “Anything But” Cock Control method of guided masturbation means you can do “anything but” what you usually do. The key here is to keep changing things up throughout the entire masturbation session. For example, if you usually use your right hand, use your left;  if you’re used to stroking hard and fast, stroke with slow and controlled strokes. If you usually wrap two fingers and a thumb around your cock and stroke straight up and down the shaft, wrap your fist around it and stroke upward, adding a little twist at the top before squeezing your cock back up through your closed fist. The key is to not allow yourself to fall into your old routine. Alternate stroking speed, grip, hands, and just about anything else you can do to change things up.



The Card Game Guided Masturbation Method

What is a masturbation card game? What does that mean? If you’re looking for a way to guide your masturbation without knowing what’s going to happen next, then this card game is for you! Grab a deck of cards.  Now assign a different type of stroke to each of the symbols in the suit.  For example, with Clubs, use fast right-handed fist grip strokes.  Draw Hearts ? Use left handed, slow three finger and thumb grip strokes.  Diamonds are rubbing just the head in a circular motion.  Spades are left-handed fist grip slow strokes with a twist at the top, etc.  Now that you’ve assigned values, just start drawing cards and do the stroke dictated by the symbol, the number of times dictated by the number. Face cards are 10 and Jokers mean two minutes of hard, fast, non-stop stroking.

The Alternating Extremes Method of Guided Masturbation

The “alternating extremes” method is just what it sounds like. To illustrate, follow slow, steady strokes with hard, fast strokes.  Stroke with ice cubes followed by strokes with a warm cloth. With this one, the possibilities are endless. You can alternate strokes from one extreme to the other in a number of different ways. Or you can alternate one hand with the other. Then you can use various props that provide opposite sensations, such as hot/cold, soft/hard, smooth/rough, etc. Don’t be afraid to try different or unusual things. You may just find that you enjoy it so much you should have tried this years ago! You are only limited by your imagination.

The Boot Camp Method

Did you know that LDW/Enchantrix has several assignment-based, niche Boot Camp blogs? That’s right! To demonstrate, if you are a sissy, if you love being teased and tormented, if you are a submissive who needs domination, if you have cuckold fantasies, are into orgasm denial, or are a humiliation slut, we have a Boot Camp that satisfies your kink. Check them out- each post from a different Mistress contains instructions and/or assignments.

The Custom Audio Method

If you’ve never been to our Enchantrix Erotic Audio Store, you should go check it out. You can choose from all sorts of audios from different Mistresses. Not only that, many come packaged with daily or weekly assignments, which are perfect for a little self-service guided masturbation. If you cannot find audios from your favorite Mistress in the Enchantrix Audio Store, you should email her and let her know you would love to purchase an audio from her. She can write, record, yes, create a custom erotic audio just for you. On the other hand, you may already have a script you’d like her to record and that’s fine, too. The great thing about audios is that you can play them over and over again, for hours upon hours of naughty masturbation fun. Check out the custom audio pricing for more details.

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