More Stroking Techniques


Masturbation, especially guided masturbation is one of the most fun things to do in cock control. Not only do you get to enjoy having that cock in your hand, but we get to be very much in control telling you just what to do with it. In detail. That’s the essence of cock control, having you do just what we say and not only that, but HOW we say to do it. Not just stroke or don’t, but how to stroke. We control the technique you use to get your cock off and you adapt to it. Sounds like fun doesn’t it? There are many ways to do this, but I’m just going to touch a few of them.


Faster, slower, faster faster.


There are quite a few stroking techniques that can be used and every FemDom Mistress and stroker has something else they love to do, but there are some that everyone enjoys or has considered trying. One of the most popular is a cock control game with speed and counting either used together or in separate sessions. A session with speed control can be done on your own but is much more exciting with a Mistress choosing the speed at which you manipulate your cock to orgasm.


So, what is speed control? Well, it’s a very simple and effective technique in which you are instructed to stroke your cock to either the rhythm of her voice or a speed at which she counts or speaks. She will pause between breathes or speak to the speed of music or just her own choice, sometimes quick and sometimes slow. There may be a pattern or there may not, she may choose random speeds at which to speak, and you move your hand at the speed of her voice. But what if your Mistress isn’t available or poor you, you don’t have a Mistress to teach you techniques. Well speed control can also be done with a metronome. You stroke to the speed it is moving. In this way you can practice this type of stroking on your own, though nothing works as well as hearing her voice telling you to “Stroke….stroke…stroke…stroke stroke strokestrokestroke..”


Now do 25 strokes for me…


Counting is another technique used for controlling your stroking. This is one of the games that a Mistress uses to make your stroking, how many times your hand slides up and down that cock in this case, totally under her control. It can be done either with random numbers she chooses, or with a variety of games to get to a number. Maybe she will think of a number between one and thirty and you will have to guess, then stroke the difference. Or sometimes she will use 3 or 4 dice and toss them for you, adding them up in her soft voice and insisting you stroke that number of times. Maybe she’ll draw two cards and add them together, deciding on a whim if the Ace is a one or an eleven. *giggle* No matter what though you aren’t allowed to cum from this stroking without permission, so as you get closer, higher numbers get far more intense while you ache to release but your Mistress, who is in control of your cock, may not feel like allowing it, or she might.


Creative Props for Strokes


The final stroking technique I’m going to tell you about today is one of the fun and sexy ones and another that nearly everyone has tried in some form or another. Props or toys, whatever you like to call them, can make stroking new and exciting. We know you love to feel something besides your hand wrapped around your cock and love to watch you stroke with various things. These can be toys like a hand held pussy or the amazing Fleshlight, to feel like lips, pussy or ass wrapped tight around your cock. You can hold it and move your hips just like you are really experiencing a moment with someone other than your hand. But with your phone sex Mistress there encouraging you, it becomes a form of cock control, since we aren’t necessarily going to let you get off. Food can also be used in the same way and believe me, what you haven’t thought of (a jar of peanut butter?) your Mistress has and will, so this can be a very creative and exciting form of masturbation for those of you who love to experiment and try new things!


Regardless of the technique you use when stroking, these cock control Masturbation aides will have you aching to stroke more, get closer to the edge and find new ways to please your Mistress. While we are in control of when you release, and maybe even if, stroking is always fun! So pick a technique you haven’t tried or revisit an old favorite and grab your cock to start your masturbation.


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