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New Rule: That is MY Cock Now

by Ms. Marlena of www.yourphonemistress.com

As a strick dick disciplinarian and cock controller, I've always believed that men shouldn't be left to their own devices. That is doubly true in matters of eroticism and arousal. Unsupervised strokers have a tendency toward greediness, overindulgence, and instant gratification. When men stroke their cocks, they operate under the quaint delusion that they are in control of their pleasure. Fortunately, extreme cock control is the remedy to that misguided idea.

When you submit to an extreme cock control session with a skillful Masturbatrix, you surrender control of your cock. It is HER cock. They are HER balls. And most importantly, it is HER choice whether or not you will have an orgasm. Extreme cock control goes far beyond playful, sensual tease and denial; it removes all control over your cock and redistributes it to your Mistress. If this sounds jarring and unfair, that's only because you haven't yet been properly trained under an extreme cock control regimen.

Cock Control Teaches You Discipline and Submission

The psychology of male submission is inextricably linked with the cock. After all, control the cock, and you own the man. By owning your very manhood, your Masturbatrix uses extreme cock control to instill in you a new-found sense of discipline, submission, and self-restraint.

Extreme cock control is useful for more than just amusing the sadistic and teasing whims of your Mistress. Guided masturbation and orgasm control can help you not only last longer, but also orgasm harder. Similarly, extreme cock control can quickly and deeply thrust you into subspace, which is an altered psychological state in which you separate yourself from your environment as you process the immediate stimulation. Extreme cock control will affect more than just your cock; it'll change your mind.

An Extreme Cock Controller is Invulnerable to Begging

Orgasm denial and extreme cock teasing will likely make you plead, whine, or even cry. The desire to beg is almost involuntary, but appreciate this cautionary note: your Masturbatrix will be unmoved by your displays of desperation. Renegotiation and mercy are not a part of the extreme cock control equation, so abandon your false hope and save yourself the trouble of begging. There is a reason it's called extreme cock control, so prepare for total submission and obedience at the hands of your cock controller.

Hand Over Your Cock and Accept Your Fate

If you're wondering what happens in an extreme cock control session, the answer can be succinctly summarized by the following: anything your Mistress wants. Whether it's tease and delay, tease and denial, ruined orgasms, chastity, or CBT, your fate is in the hands of your Mistress.

You might find yourself enduring the over-stimulation of coerced orgasms, or you might ache in frustration as your Mistress delays your release in an agonizing tease and denial game. Your Mistress will decide your method of torment, but one thing remains constant: in an extreme cock control session, your Mistress has all the power.

So don't forget...Your cock may be in your hands, but your fate is in mine.

Tease and Denial Phone Sex at Extreme Cock Control

Orgasm Denial

Our orgasm denial phone sex sessions will make you feel powerless. Your Mistress will instruct you and you will obey her every wish. Be brought to the brink of orgasm over and over again, each time denied for her pleasure. After all, this isn't about you, it's about pleasing your Mistress. And when she finally lets you come, you will explode with pleasure and desire.

Of course, there's no guarantee when that might be. Your cock control session may last for hours or even days. Think you can't hold on for that long? Don't worry. Our Mistresses will train you to be a good little submissive boy.

Chastity Training

For hardcore cock control, try our chastity phone sex training sessions. Are you ready to try on a chastity belt and throw away the key? Our Mistresses will have you quivering in delight and agony. Learn about what chastity device will suit you best and then get teased and denied to your heart's content!

Coerced Orgasm

On the flip side, a coerced orgasm phone sex session will make you come even if you don't want to! Giving control of your cock to your Mistress means that anything she wants, you do. So if she wants you to come immediately, then you had better make it happen! Imagine the exquisite pleasure and pain of being coerced to come over and over again for your Mistress.

Our Mistresses will take control of your cock and never look back. You will be at their mercy and you will love every moment of it. But here at Extreme Cock Control we believe that guided masturbation and cock control are ways to explore and push the boundaries of your sexual limits. Our Mistresses take the time to develop a personal relationship with you in order to best help you along this sexual journey. We believe in providing an experience that is sensual and erotic; one that awakens your senses and shakes you to your core. Giving over control of your cock to another is an experience that will have you begging for more. When you hand over control, all that is left is pure pleasure. And that's what you will find here at Extreme Cock Control.