Long Term Denial and Chastity



Everyone wants to get what they want when it comes to sexual satisfaction. An intense screaming, shaking, all encompassing orgasm is the ultimate goal for most of us. The harder we cum, the longer it lasts, the deeper the sensation, the better in almost every case. So why would anyone find long term denial and chastity attractive? Isn’t the point of it all to get off?

When you are teased, the desire builds, swelling like a wave on the ocean. It grows and grows until there is no way to ignore how badly you may need to achieve that orgasm. But for some, that isn’t the ultimate excitement. They want more. They want it to last longer than that. In striving to achieve that goal, they seek out denial. Lengthy denial can be weeks long and lead you even further than you may have imagined.

Teasing Just Entertains Us

Once you have turned yourself over to a Mistress, especially a chastity Mistress who loves to tease and is a bit wicked, your life will change. You see,  she wants you ache and not orgasm at all. This is when it all becomes real and you find there is more to this than you may have originally anticipated. Teasing can range from very intense to a more mild and subtle form. A lot depends on who is doing the teasing and who is being teased. A sexy, sensual tease can at times be even harder to control than a severely dominant and obvious tease.

A dominant and obvious tease may be harsh. Consider the challenge for you to be instructed to sit, bound and unable to move, while you are stroked to the edge, over and over again. Those balls will be blue, your cock aching to release, and the cock ring is on too tight to ever let go. That Mistress of yours watches your hips thrusting ineffectually. Your penis doesn’t connect with anything at all.  Only cool air.

Maybe a more sensual tease would be more effective? Your Femdom Mistress could slowly tempt you with her body. She could allow you to stroke your cock, but then slap your hand away when you got too close to cumming. She’d instruct you to stop immediately. How difficult would it be to look at her beautiful body, skin smooth and soft, and your fingertips reaching for her, only to be denied?



Long Term Denial and Chastity Intensifies The Need

Sometimes you think you want to be denied, until it happens. This is where many men realize it is not what they want at all. They crave a delay, but can’t go past that into complete denial – at least not without a push. Add chastity to the denial.  It takes on a different intensity altogether.

Those who do not subscribe to this particular fantasy may wonder why anyone would want to have their cock teased until throbbing and then left without relief. Sometimes even the fetishist will wonder this and decide, in the end, that he does want to have an orgasm after all. However, a Mistress skilled in tease and denial is not likely to allow that. You need to be denied. It completes the cycle. And while you may beg and plead and cry, honestly that is all part of the allure for a Mistress. The control is intoxicating and after spending time teasing you, it’s thrilling to deny you. And remember, you are the one who initially asked for that. What are you complaining about?

Denial leads to Chastity

Basic denial is easier for you than long term denial and chastity. Basic denial implies you will get to release soon. You might get to cum at the end of your session, but that wouldn’t be true denial. Every good Mistress knows that you will cheat if left to your own devices.

Cheating and stroking without permission is, of course, only cheating yourself. In the end, if you try sneaking to masturbate, your long term tease and denial will require assistance in the form of chastity devices. There are any number of chastity devices to lock up your cock. Some are more popular than others and all require a chastity lock, some with keys, some with a combination. If there is a key, it will be kept either by the Mistress who is denying you, or in a place that is very, very difficult for you to access.

Chastity Changes Your Life

Your life will never be the same once you are in chastity. A long term tease and denial relationship normally allows you to orgasm at some point, though only under controlled circumstances and only after a lengthy teasing session. Of course, even if you were allowed release once in a great while, you would still need to be locked up when not with your Mistress, to make sure you don’t attempt to pleasure yourself to the point of denial being pointless.

Chastity isn’t something to be entered into lightly. Sexual satisfaction is earned and you will have to wait for it and work for it. But when you are in long term denial, oftentimes the only way to ensure complete submission is through chastity.

How Far Are You Willing to Go?

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