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Extreme Cock Control Stories and Essays

You've heard the term cock control and even extreme cock control. Before you can understand what extreme cock conntrol is, you must first understand the principles of cock control. Read all about it in What is Cock Control?

Are you curious about extreme cock control and what that means for you? Chastity Mistress Cassandra explains the various phases of masturbation management and orgasm control.

I discovered cock control extreme after years of trying to get my girlfriends to dominate me in all kinds of different ways. Read more about Cock Control Extreme.

Your excitement is building, your body tight and ready, cock aching in that cage to burst out and have some fun. You know better than to get too excited though, or you should. After all this might not happen, no matter what she might keep you in denial. Though you can see no benefit to that, you would be wrong. There are many benefits to being in the Long Term Denial of Extreme Cock Control.

Extreme cock control isn’t all about a Mistress deciding to lock up your cock just to keep you from having any fun. Sometimes you need that extra control. In fact in many instances a Mistress resorts to Extreme Cock Control only because you can’t keep your hands off your cock no matter what. Learn more about chronic masturbation and extreme control.

Why do I desire cock control? I crave cock control because I am the boss in every other part of my life. Everyone from my employees to my wife to my children and the dog looks to me for direction. Don’t misunderstand me, I love my life and I’ve worked my ass off for what I have. However, a few years ago, I realized, quite by accident, that my life was missing something that I badly needed. Reade more about why I crave cock control.

A teasing smiled curved her lips and she pulled herself from the water, motioning for him to follow. First she pulled on her tank top over her suit and then reached out, stroking his cock. “Stroke it for me” she said with a laugh and then whispered…”And hurry, that is his car turning on to the street.” He started then and she watched, not touching him, just smiling and encouraging, then at the last moment telling him she had to go. Her husband was home and would be out to look for her soon, but he should finish up and head home, and maybe if he was very good, she would see him tomorrow. Read more in What is Tease and Delay.

Most men just need to know that it is OKAY for them to need a powerful femdom and a cock tease to keep them on the right track and to remind them that he MUST please his lover at all times. This is the basic premise of tease and denial, teaching your male lover to focus his sexual attentions toward his Mistress. Read more about it in Why Men Need Cock Control.

The cheer squad was exceptionally close at my university, which was fairly small in terms of state schools. All of the boys on campus lusted after the other cheerleaders and myself, and we fully took advantage of this power that was so freely handed to us. Continue reading Tease and Denial Cheer Squad.

Mistress sent me the link to the Pass The Penis website and told me to take a look at it at my leisure and then let her know what I thought about it. I hardly had time to glance over it before work, but when I got back home that evening, I took a good, long, hard look at the site. Continue reading about the Frustrating Tease and Denial Game.

Some guys think that being kept in long-term chastity is a form of extreme cock control. And for them, it might very well be. But in my experience, short-term chastity was actually more frustrating. Why? It seems like masturbation is like any other addiction--the longer you go without indulging, the easier it becomes to control the cravings. Read more about Extreme Teasing and Chastity.

It wasn't that long ago that my slave boy came to me, begging me to take a more active role in his life. It's not that he didn't appreciate the control I already had over him. He just felt that, as a slave, he needed more control exerted over him. When I asked him what he had in mind in particular, he had only one reply for me: extreme cock control. He got that and more! Read all about it in Cuckold's Cock Control.

This was definitely not ordinary roleplay, which was what I had wanted...but could I handle this militant, gorgeous tease and denial Goddess who stood before me, staring down at me sternly, while slowly and methodically tapping her foot on the tile floor? Read Cock Tease Prison to find out!

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I am a self confessed long term masturbator. Before I found www.cockcontrol.com I was a very simple masturbator. By that I mean there were no elaborate scenarios, or much thought put into it, I would simply just “rub one out”. After many years of self gratification I began to wonder if there wasn’t more pleasure out there that I was missing out on. That's when I discovered Tease, Delay, and Denial.

Everyone wants to get what they want when it comes to sexual satisfaction. An intense screaming shaking all encompassing orgasm is the ultimate goal for most of us. The harder we cum, the longer it lasts, the deeper the sensation the better in almost every case. So why would anyone find denial attractive, isn’t the point to get off? Not necessarily. Read more about chastity and long term denial.

Once upon a time I was just like other men. I thought about sex all the time, my cock ruled my life! You know what I mean, you can’t think of anything without your cock intervening and putting it’s opinion in the mix. Even when you don’t want to, you can’t help but check out every sexy woman walking past you and your cock reacts, sending signals to your brain and soon you have a tent in your pants and some unwanted attention. See, I told you! I used to be just like that, so I know. The great thing is that I’m not like that anymore, thanks to my Mistress I have control of my cock. Well, she has control of my cock, but either way, it’s not ruling my life anymore. Read more about how extreme cock control changed my life.

If you've never tried orgasm edging, you have no idea what you are missing! Most people tend to find the quickest and most efficient way of achieving orgasm and stick with that method every time. While this may work, it gets to where it isn't as enjoyable is it used to be, and sometimes isn't even worth taking time out of your day for. If you've ever felt like this, then it is definitely time you learn all about orgasm edging and how to edge yourself!

If you've spent much time looking around CockControl.com, you know we've already established that you need a Masturbatrix, and why. But we also know that you can't always call for a guided masturbation session as often as you'd like to. Granted, there are times when your Masturbatrix will tell you that you aren't allowed to masturbate or stroke yourself between calls as part of your cock control training program, but barring that, there are ways you can enjoy a little self-service guided masturbation between calls with your Cock Control Mistress.

CBT is an acronym for cock and ball torture, the sexual practice of intentionally inflicting physical discomfort or the threat of inflicting physical discomfort to the male genitals. Cock and ball torture, a common component of BDSM, can range from mildly uncomfortable to extremely painful. Read more about it in What is CBT?

The M Spot. The Male G Spot. We're talking about your prostate, I'm sure you've heard of it. It's the reason men over 40 dread their yearly check-ups. Did you also know that the prostate gland, when massaged, creates very intense sexual pleasure, known as a prostate orgasm? Or that you can have multiple prostate orgasms in addition to your ejaculatory orgasm? Prostate orgasms are very intense and long-lasting and do not diminish the erection. Read more about it in What is a Prostate Orgasm?

Anal play, while still taboo in some circles, is gaining popularity with heterosexual males. Some studies say as many as 2 out of 3 heterosexual men have experimented with anal play, though most men won't readily admit it for fear their sexuality will be questioned. Enjoying anal stimulation during intercourse or anal play during masturbation does not make you gay. It simply means that you've discovered the prostate and it's ability to deliver intense pleasure and orgasms unlike any you've ever had through penile stimulation alone. If you are one of the few heterosexual men who have not tried anal stimulation and still aren't convinced, read Is Anal Play for You?

A ruined orgasm is a form of orgasm control and major component of cock control that occurs as the result of a dominant stimulating a submissive to the point of orgasm and discontinuing the stimulation at the exact moment of ejaculation and/or blocking the flow of ejaculatory fluid, thus ruining the orgasm by minimizing the amount of pleasure derived from it. Read more about it in What is a Ruined Orgasm?

A coerced orgasm is a form of orgasm control and major component of extreme cock control that occurs as the result of a dominant stimulating a submissive to the point of involuntary orgasm while the submissive attempts to keep the orgasm at bay. Often times the dominant continues the stimulation after orgasm is achieved in order to coerce multiple orgasms from the submissive. Read What is a Coerced Orgasm.

I absolutely love extreme cock control. I believe it would be in your best interest to please me...otherwise, I will make you play with your cock, achieve a high level of sexual intensity and then proceed to ruin it. It will feel like the floor has suddenly given out beneath your feet, but, in fact, it will be your cum-filled balls that abruptly fail you at the critical moment you look to reach the point of no return. Continue reading Why I Love Extreme Cock Control.

Extreme Cock Control Mistresses Currently Available