Extreme Teasing And Chastity



You know, I used to wonder what people meant when they talked about extreme cock control. I mean, cock control is cock control, right? Sure, it comes in various degrees, but there’s not really anything that makes it extreme, is there?

That was how I used to feel about the subject. I enjoyed having a strict Mistress control my orgasms as much as any other guy who’s got the same fetish, but I never realized just how “extreme” it could get. At least not until I met my Mistress, that is. And now? Let’s suffice it to say that I have since learned just how wrong I really was!

Some guys think that being kept in long-term chastity is a form of extreme cock control. And for them, it might very well be. But in my experience, short-term chastity was actually more frustrating. Why? It seems like masturbation is like any other addiction. The longer you go without indulging, the easier it becomes to control the cravings. Short-term chastity provides intermittent reinforcement for the desire to cum. Any Skinnerian will tell you that intermittent reinforcement creates a behavior that’s nearly impossible to stop. On the other hand, with long-term chastity, you eventually get to a point where you get used to being denied, so that constant craving isn’t there all the time.

Or at least that was the case for me until my Mistress got this brilliant idea ….

Adding A Toy Along With My Chastity Device

My Femdom Mistress has been keeping me in chastity periodically ever since I became hers. I enjoy the frustration of short-term chastity that I talked about earlier, so I was a little disappointed when she told me that she was considering long-term chastity for me. She asked me if I was upset that I wouldn’t be able to orgasm.  I said, no, truthfully. When she asked why I didn’t seem too excited about it, I explained to her that long-term chastity eventually begins to feel boring and routine to me. Famous last words!

My devious Mistress was unperturbed. In fact, I actually think it encouraged her to come up with something wicked to do to me. I was a little unnerved by the grin on her face when I explained this to her.  However, when nothing out of the ordinary happened for several days, I just told myself I was being silly. At least until the package arrived.

One day, shortly after I’d gotten home from work, the UPS guy came with a package addressed to Mistress. She wasn’t home yet, so I signed for it and took it inside. I really wanted to open it, but my obedient side won out. So I just put it on the kitchen table for her to open when she got home.

She arrived home shortly thereafter. When she saw the package, that evil gleam came back into her eyes. She called me over to watch her as she opened it. She tore into it like it was Christmas morning and pulled out one of those Aneros prostate stimulators!

The Sweet Agony Of Teasing

I’d heard all the stories about the thing, but I wasn’t sure I believed them. I was about to find out how true they were, though!

Mistress ordered me to go wash it thoroughly, which I did, and then she lubed it up and slid it inside me. I expected the initial rush.  It’s the same one you get from the insertion of any toy. My cock grew hard against the walls of my chastity device, and I groaned a little, knowing what kind of tease and denial was in my future.

But what I didn’t realize is that the sensation doesn’t go away. Every time I move while I have it in, it sends lightning bolts of pleasure through my body. When Mistress realized what an effective teasing toy this thing was, she ordered me to wear it as long as humanly possible while still remaining within the bounds of health and safety.

So I’m wearing this thing several hours a day now. The feelings it gives me never stop as long as it’s in. Remember, though, I still wear a chastity device. That means I experience outrageously frustrating teasing sessions every day for as long as I wear it. Once it’s finally out, I have to go and shower and clean all the precum out of my device and off my cock to keep everything sanitary down there.

I have finally discovered the meaning of extreme cock control. It’s long-term chastity and orgasm denial mixed with near-constant teasing. Oh, and have I mentioned how much I love this sweet torment?

Craving long-term Extreme Cock Control

Here we are!