Chronic Masturbators Need Extreme Control



Extreme cock control isn’t all about a Mistress deciding to lock up your cock just to keep you from having any fun. Sometimes you need that extra control. In fact, in many instances, a Mistress resorts to Extreme Cock Control only because you can’t keep your hands off your cock. No matter what. This is the worst thing you can do to your life personally, professionally and sexually. In reality, we are just trying to help you! It’s not our fault if being a chronic masturbator is also incredibly entertaining for us!

What is “Chronic Masturbator?”

First of all, what is chronic masturbation? When you are a chronic masturbator, you are out of control. You aren’t just having fun playing with your cock and getting off. Rather, you are impulsively stroking and stroking, even when you know you should be doing something else. Chronic masturbation takes up time that you need for work and personal relationships. In our society, it is unacceptable to masturbate at work. However, a chronic masturbator will risk getting caught.  Even worse, you have probably already been caught in the act of masturbating, at least once! This can lead to job loss and all kinds of horrible things. I mean, do you really want everyone to know that you spend hours of your day playing with your cock? No, you don’t!

When you cross the line from a normal amount of time spent on masturbation to being a chronic masturbator, it stops being good for you! You make yourself cum so much that you can’t get it up for anyone but your hand. And that’s only after hours of stroking. You are more stressed and less confident because you know that any date you might go on will only end badly. This is when you need someone to step in and intervene, by teaching you control and making you less stressed and more confident. You need control. We will teach you, all over again, the proper way and amount to masturbate.


You Lost the Right To Control Your Cock

In these cases, you have lost the privilege to control your own cock. You need a Mistress to control your cock in any way she deems necessary. Most Mistresses will start out with guided masturbation, encouraging you not to masturbate unless she is there to guide you along. You get assignments and are told when it’s okay and when it’s not. This is great if you have some semblance of control left. You can follow orders, do as you are told and not have to worry about getting yourself in trouble with your Mistress. You will learn to masturbate in a normal way and not just grab your cock all the time and start stroking.

Locked Up to Learn a Lesson

However, many of you chronic masturbators aren’t able to keep your hands off your cock for more than an hour, let alone stick to a set stroking schedule or wait to stroke with your Mistress, on her schedule. You cannot follow instructions. You’ve been stroking so often that it is now a compulsion and this is when you need extreme cock control! Extreme means anything from complete denial, to punishment any time you touch your cock, to just having your cock locked up entirely!

Again, it’s not our fault that locking you up is fun for us.  It is! But we didn’t turn you into a chronic masturbator. You did that all on your own and now we are here to help you stop. See, your Mistress is really only doing what’s best for you when she snaps on that birdcage, locks it up and slips one key onto a chain around her neck. Oh, at first, this will be almost impossible for you. But trust me, that cock lock stays in place unless removed.  And even if you have the key, your Mistress will make sure it’s not easy for you to get your hands on… Let’s put it this way,  we decide when you stroke your cock. You stroke when unlocked and only once you have permission.

You don’t want to be a chronic masturbator forever. Do you? Any Extreme Cock Control Mistress can help you with enough denial to teach you to appreciate the times you can stroke.  And not take that cock for granted anymore.



Craving long-term Extreme Cock Control

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