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Tease, Delay, and Denial

I am a self confessed long term masturbator. Before I found CockControl.com I was a very simple masturbator. By that I mean there were no elaborate scenarios, or much thought put into it, I would simply just “rub one out”. After many years of self gratification I began to wonder if there wasn’t more pleasure out there that I was missing out on. I would begin reading an erotic story, looking at pictures in magazines etc.

After finding CockControl.com I began to tease myself, working myself up, so to speak, but the result was always the same, I ended up rubbing one out. I grew very fond of the tease, and even though I would still do the quick jerk off when time was a factor, I found myself beginning to plan ahead and setting aside some time that I could actually tease myself. I started off slowly, putting in an hour or two before finishing off. Eventually, I would go the whole day!

Discovering the Thrill of the Tease

I would start off early in the morning and work myself up in the shower, and then I’d go off to work and think about how much fun it would be that evening. I would get home and tease myself some more. I began making calls to LDW and talking to the ladies when I was teased to the point that I thought I couldn’t take it anymore and finishing with them encouraging me on. I grew to anticipate the tease almost as much as the climax. I loved the feeling of arousal and how it made things so much more intense. Colors were brighter, aromas were sweeter. I loved the tease and then…..well then I discovered delay and denial.

Delaying the Climax to Enjoy the Tease

I personally talk about delay in terms of hours and or perhaps a day. Any longer than a day and I call that denial. I remember very distinctly talking to a certain Mistress at LDW. It was the first time I had spoken to her and she listened intently to everything I said. It was a Friday night and I mentioned that I had been teasing myself all day and now I wanted to treat myself to an orgasm.

She was very sweet and understanding but she asked me why I didn’t leave the decision to orgasm up to her, and that I should ask for permission to cum first. I immediately agreed and we began the session. Everything went smoothly until I began to reach the point where I needed to orgasm and I dutifully asked for approval. To my total surprise she said, “No.” This really threw me for a loop because I didn’t really expect to be denied orgasm. Of course I asked why and she told me something I will never forget.

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Not Just Another Masturbation Session!

She said, “if I allow you to cum, then this will be just another phone sex session that you will forget all about; however, if I deny you then this will be an experience that you will remember and relive over and over.” She was so right!! I didn’t cum that night, I was told to call her back in the morning and see if I could have permission to cum. That was the first night I put my hard cock away and went to bed with an aching desire to cum and blue balls. It was wonderful.

After a few sessions of tease and delay, and after practicing delay on my own, I began to embark on the journey of denial. I kept track of all my masturbating activities, and indicated which ones ended up in orgasm and which ones ended up in denial. I began going longer and longer periods of time between orgasms. I found it to be a kind of game and I kept wanting to “break my record.” I remember being so proud of myself when I went a whole week for the very first time.

Benefits of Short-Term Denial

I discovered during this time another huge bonus of delay and denial was that my orgasms were much more powerful and intense and thus became more memorable than the ones where I would just quickly rub one out. I became a huge fan of edging and trying to hold onto that feeling of being right there, but not quite going over. I had many accidents that ended up as abandoned orgasms but I continued to practice and finally mastered the art of dancing on the edge of orgasm without passing that point of no return.

I find that I can edge multiple times in an hour and when I finally put my cock away, without experiencing ejaculation, the feeling of warmth and well being that floods my body is exactly the same feeling I would be experiencing if I had have orgasmed. I get all the benefits of an orgasm, plus the added bonus of being constantly aroused and no refractory period. I am now a self confessed denial freak. It’s all about the denial. I am now on permanent denial and I have never felt better in my life.

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