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Look what we have here. Another subject for me to exploit. Another peasant for me to control and rule over. Another minion to devote all his time to serving me relentlessly. Another pathetic cock to store and play with when I feel the urge. I love this type of control. It allows me to exert pressure relentlessly, to let everything out and to hold nothing back.

What rights do you have now that your cock is under my control? What are you allowed to do? Should you be able to cum when you please? Is it okay to even consider cumming? As of now, the answers to these questions are up to me. I decided whether or not you can cum. I decide if you've done enough to earn an orgasm. It's my choice if you get to even touch your cock, let alone stroke it.

Do understand what any of that really means? It means that eventually you get the point, when you hear the sounds of your moans and begs. You'll be moaning in pain and begging to release. Your blue balls are getting worse and now you are afraid. You don't know what to do. You've lost total control of your own cock. Out of desperation, you ask "Mistress may I please cum? Mistress please let me release, I feel like like I am about to explode." HAHA that of course makes me laugh. It makes me angry that you are that weak and for that, I'll purposely extend your waiting period. So.. clear your mind from your typical routine of jacking off and relinquish your cock.