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Cock control is not enough. Why? Because anyone can be a stroker boy and any woman can control a cock here and there, but not many can manage extreme cock control.

What does 'extreme' mean, you wonder?

Deep down I know that you already know. It means that I have control over you. It means that there's no hard and fast stroking just hoping to cum as quickly as you can before someone catches you.

Oh, that's right, I know how you sneak off every chance you get hoping to get a few moments of hard and fast stroking, your fingers never far from that zipper, your hand always twitching, wanting to shove fingers into your pants--your mind blanking out with the anticipation of a good cum.

You will cum when I tell you can. Not sooner, not later, but when I tell you it's okay. You will touch when I tell you it's okay to touch. You will graze, caress, pull, slide, vibrate and stroke when I tell you to, and how I tell you to. Most importantly, you will stroke WHEN I tell you to.

You want to cum so badly, but remember I have control over you and you will do as I say! I am an expert at Tease and Denial {which btw does not necessarily mean that you will be denied, unless that's your darkest desire} and when we talk, you will become a candidate for my Masturbation Hall of Fame. For an intensely pleasurable controlled stroking session, pick up the phone and set up an appointment with me. If you are quivering with as much anticipation as I think you are, we will be talking very soon!