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Is Anal Play for You

Anal play, while still taboo in some circles, is gaining popularity with heterosexual males. Some studies say as many as 2 out of 3 heterosexual men have experimented with anal play, though most men won't readily admit it for fear their sexuality will be questioned. Enjoying anal stimulation during intercourse or anal play during masturbation does not make you gay. It simply means that you've discovered the prostate and it's ability to deliver intense pleasure and orgasms unlike any you've ever had through penile stimulation alone. If you are one of the few heterosexual men who have not tried anal stimulation and still aren't convinced, keep reading.

Reasons You Should Try Anal Stimulation

~ Increased pleasure ~ Anal stimulation, right before orgasm, increases your sexual pleasure by causing your orgasm to be three to four times more intense than normal. Out of this world explosive orgasms; that alone should be reason enough! Who wouldn't want to at least try something that is proven to increase the sexual pleasure and orgasm intensity?

~ A stronger relationship ~ Sharing something as intimate as anal stimulation with your wife or girlfriend will connect you both on a whole new level. Feeling more comfortable and connected fosters better communication, the most important component to emotional intimacy and a stronger relationship.

~ Better health ~ Periodic prostate massage keeps the prostate healthy and decreases the risk of cancer, prostatitis,and other prostate problems that occur as men age. Regular orgasms reduce stress, lower blood pressure, and improve depression symptoms.

~ Be a better lover ~ With a little patience and some practice, a man can experience multiple, intense, non-ejaculatory orgasms without losing his erection and desire, allowing him to delay ejaculation until after he has helped her achieve multiple orgasms of her own. What woman wouldn't be happy to have a man who can please her for hours on end, making sure she's satisfied before allowing himself to ejaculate.

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Experimenting with Anal Play

There are many types of anal play and anal stimulation is not the same thing as anal sex. Prostate massage is also not the same thing as anal sex, though it is possible to massage the prostate while having anal sex. Anal play, even anal sex, will not make you gay and the fact that you enjoy anal stimulation does not mean you should question your sexuality. Enjoying anal play and/or anal sex does not make you gay. Being nervous and tensing up makes it difficult to enjoy any kind of anal stimulation because the sphincter and anus must be very relaxed before it becomes pleasureable. That's why foreplay, taking time, and going slow are so important where anal play is concerned.

If you are just beginning to try anal play, we recommend starting with applying various levels of pressure with two fingers of the non-stroking hand to your taint (the area between your balls and your anus) while massaging in a circular motion. After a few minutes of experimenting with that, move to your anus and start rubbing the pad of your index finger in a circular motion on the outside, beginning with a light touch and gently adding more pressure as you feel the muscle relax. This may be as far as you are comfortable in going, and that is perfectly fine. Do experiment with your timing of the stimulation in relation to your strokes. You'll also want to rub more vigorously and apply more pressure right at the moment of orgasm.

If you decide you want to continue with insertion, then when you feel that the muscle is more relaxed and you are a little more turned on, apply a good amount of lube to that same finger and do the same thing, this time alternately adding a little more pressure until you feel the tip of your finger gently slip in. If you find that you are tense or having trouble relaxing the muscle, it may help to bear down gently, which will relax and further open the sphincter for more comfortable insertion. At this point, you can try wiggling your finger, moving it in circles, try the prostate massage technique, or just enjoy timing your finger exploration along wit 'h your strokes.

If you'd like to continue past this point, you can start working a second finger in alongside the first finger or you can switch to a prostate massager like the Aneros, anal beads, a butt plug, or even a dildo. The most important thing is to get comfortable with the idea and relax enough to enjoy this whole new world of pleasure.

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