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Cuckold's Cock Control

It wasn't that long ago that my slave boy came to me, begging me to take a more active role in his life. It's not that he didn't appreciate the control I already had over him. He just felt that, as a slave, he needed more control exerted over him. When I asked him what he had in mind in particular, he had only one reply for me: extreme cock control.

I couldn't help but laugh a little. I asked him if he really knew what it was he was wishing for. He assured me that he did, but I wasn't altogether sure of that. So I asked to please explain to me exactly what he felt was cock control to an extreme degree so that I could be sure the two of us were on the same page before we started to move forward.

I smiled when he informed me that his deepest wish was to be kept in male chastity long-term. He told me that he couldn't think of a better way to serve me than to forego all of his own sexual needs in order to take care of all my desires, sexual or otherwise. It was such a sweet thing for him to say.

But, still, I didn't think he quite realized what he was asking for. I informed him that even if he were locked up, I'd still need someone to satisfy my sexual needs. He replied that he'd been expecting that and that he would happily give me all the oral service I could possibly desire. I, of course, already knew this, so I pointed out to him that I would still like a cock occasionally...and I didn't mean a dildo, either.

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The Cost Of Long-Term Male Chastity

He swallowed heavily. I asked him if he understood what this meant, and he said he did. He knew that if he was to be kept chaste, he would also become a cuckold to his Femdom Mistress. When I asked if he could accept this, he took a deep breath and paused for several long, tense seconds before answering that yes, he could accept it.

I ordered him to get online and buy himself a chastity device that very night.

Becoming A Cuckold

While we waited for his device to arrive, I began actively looking for a cuckold bull. I found a suitable candidate pretty quickly, but I took my time getting to know him, partly because I had no desire to jump in bed with a complete stranger and partly because I knew that the longer I waited, the more it would torment my poor slave boy.

But after about six weeks of first email and IM time, then phone time, and finally face-to-face time, I decided that it was time that my new stud fulfill his role as a cuckold bull. I informed my slave that I would be going out with my stud that night and that upon our return, he was going to be cuckolded for the very first time. He was visibly nervous but excited as well.

I went out with my stud as planned, and when I brought him back home with me, my chaste slave was waiting patiently for us. I herded both men into my bedroom and told them both to get naked. My bull's cock was impressively large, which made my little cuck's eyes widen in surprise. My bull, for his part, got a laugh out of seeing my cuck's dick locked up in chastity hell.

A good time was had by all that night. My bull and I wore ourselves out and completely satiated one another. My cuck, however, was in a state of intense arousal and frustration that he could do absolutely nothing about, much to his and my delight.

Once my bull had gone home, my slave sat down on the bed next to me. I asked him how he felt the night had gone. He confessed to me that just being kept in chastity had not seemed very "extreme" to him until this night. He'd felt that up until he finally got the chance to see his Mistress and Cuckoldress fucked by another man, he wasn't really suffering in his orgasm control and denial. But now? He truly felt the power of being a chaste cuckold slave.

I'm going to have to do this again soon!

Extreme Cock Control Mistresses Currently Available